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March 2017


Finadium interviews eSecLending’s Peter Bassler and Simon Lee to see why their firm is sponsoring the FISL Conferences in April 2017.

January 2017

Securities Lending Times

Peter Economou shares insights about the U.S. securities lending market in Securities Lending Times’ U.S. Securities Lending Roundtable.

September 2016

Global Investor/ISF

Chris Poikonen, Executive Vice President, sits down with Global Investor/ISF to discuss the increase in the number of peer-to-peer transactions in the securities financing market.

August 2016


Finadium, eSecLending and five other financial institutions announce two new securities lending conferences for asset owners, asset managers and insurance firms in 2017.

April 2016

Irish Funds

Irish Funds speaks with Alasdair King about regulatory changes and why it means new opportunities for asset owners.

April 2016

Global Investor/ISF

Chris Jaynes talks with Global Investor about the increase in peer-to-peer trades and the advantages of these new opportunities.

April 2016

Global Custodian

Simon Lee speaks with Global Custodian about asset managers’ increasing interest in securities lending and the potential effects of regulation in the industry.

June 2015

Global Investor/ISF

William Locke speaks with Global Investor/ISF about beneficial owners and their increased focus on the risk inherent in their securities lending programs.

May 2015

Clear Path Analysis

Simon Lee shares his thoughts about optimizing securities lending program performance in Clear Path Analysis’ Annual Report.

April 2015

FTSE Global Markets

Ed Oliver speaks with FTSE Global Markets about the development of CCPs in the securities lending market.

February 2015

Survey of Beneficial Owners

eSecLending voted Most Innovative Lender and ranked No. 1 in seven service categories in Global Investor/ISF’s Survey of Beneficial Owners.

January 2015

Securities Lending Best Practices

eSecLending releases an updated white paper, “Securities Lending Best Practices – A Guidance Paper for Institutional Investors.”

January 2015

Funds Europe

Jeffrey O’Neill speaks to Funds Europe about the demand for securities lending in the hedge fund industry.

December 2014

Securities Lending Times

Peter Economou shares his thoughts about industry challenges in 2015 with Securities Lending Times.

December 2014

Global Investor/ISF

Craig Starble speaks with Global Investor/ISF about institutional investors and their demand for transparency in securities lending.

October 2014

Global Custodian

Peter Economou speaks to Global Custodian about the advancement of the world’s financial markets in relation to the U.S.

October 2014

Global Custodian

Peter Economou, contributes to an article by Global Custodian about the challenges of applying the central counterparty (CCP) model to the securities lending market.

September 2014

Global Investor ISF

eSecLending is announced as Overall Global Lender of the Year 2014 in Global Investor/ISF’s Equity Lending Survey.

September 2014

Investment & Pensions Europe

eSecLending’s Simon Lee speaks to Investment & Pensions Europe about the reshaping of collateral services in a transforming industry.

August 2014

Global Investor/ISF

eSecLending’s Bill Locke speaks to Global Investor/ISF about the impact of regulation on collateral activity.

July 2014


eSecLending’s Simon Lee speaks to CIO magazine about eSecLending’s innovative business model.

April 2014

Custody Risk

eSecLending wins the Custody Risk Securities Lender of the Year Award – Americas 2014.

February 2014


eSecLending wins the aiCIO European Innovation Award for Securities Lending 2014.

February 2014

Securities Lending Times

Craig Starble speaks to Securities Lending Times about diversifying eSecLending’s service model.


March 2015

OCC and eSecLending Create Liquidity Facility with CalPERS

The Options Clearing Corporation (OCC) and eSecLending announced that they collaborated with CalPERS to develop a product to help OCC diversify and increase their committed liquidity resources while offering a compelling risk-adjusted return for CalPERS.

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Global Investor/ISF
Beneficial Owners’ Survey

Voted #1 in Relationship Management, Lending Program Parameter Management and Reporting and Transparency on an un-weighted basis.

Global Securities Lender of the Year
2016 Innovation Award in Securities Lending