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October 9, 2022

Team eSec is joined by Bob Zekraus and Tom Veneziano from Pirum pre RMA to chat everything from T+1, to batch vs. real-time processing, to the SEC’s pending 10c-1 proposal. Technology is the answer for almost everything.

Pirum Systems was founded in June 2000 with the objective of providing advanced, centralized and secure reconciliation services for financial market participants.

All Pirum’s services are software as a service (SaaS) and provide a secure processing hub which seamlessly links market participants together, allowing them to electronically process and verify key transaction details.

Global financial institutions have responded to Pirum’s creative approach by joining the secure on-line community.

They have increased processing efficiency, reduced operational risk and improved profitability by using Pirum’s services to reduce manual processing. By combining an in-depth understanding of both the Securities Finance industry and IT, Pirum has created a set of highly innovative and flexible services which are tailored to fully support the complexities of the underlying business processes.

Integration with Pirum’s services could not be easier.

Data feeds are accepted in virtually any format, facilitating the re-use of existing data extracts.

This flexibility results in a fast, straightforward and low-cost implementation.

No additional hardware, software or proprietary network connections are required. Pirum servers perform all the necessary data processing and user access is provided via secure web pages over the Internet.

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