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The eSecLending Difference

As an independent third-party securities lending agent, eSecLending delivers client tailored securities lending solutions to achieve higher risk-adjusted returns, greater transparency, and stronger alignment of interests when compared to traditional, pool-based lending programs.

The eSecLending business philosophy delivers investment management practices to what has historically been an opaque activity, largely viewed as a back-office function. With a focus on best execution, price transparency, and benchmarking, we deliver what clients expect and demand, only better.

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As of end of Q1 2024

We design and manage individual, segregated securities lending programs

  • We never pool client assets which avoids the subsidization issue where attractive portfolios subsidize the performance of less attractive portfolios
  • We partner with our clients to design and manage customized securities lending programs built specifically to each client’s unique goals and objectives
  • We provide our clients with greater control and transparency within their lending programs

We optimize revenues and outperform market benchmarks

  • We utilize both discretionary and exclusive executions strategies; evaluating both routes to market is critical to deliver outperformance on a consistent basis
  • Our proprietary auction process acts as a decision-making tool to evaluate both execution strategies; it facilitates a transparent and informed decision-making process
  • We provide comprehensive, independently-verified reporting to validate performance against market benchmarks

We provide better risk management

  • Segregated programs deliver greater control, and increased transparency for risk management
  • We provide VaR analysis and stress testing on each individual program to demonstrate how programs will perform during periods of market stress
  • Our indemnification is backed by high quality insurance companies who deliver an additional layer of diversified oversight on our approved counterparties and risk processes
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